Its funny when Mom was talking about her experiences in the US about space. There’s been a lot of discussion about space in her program and she was telling me what a relief she found the culture because it is the exact opposite of Indian culture where space is never ever afforded to a person.. :)

Maybe I have a bit of the Western inside me. I like periods when I’m isolated especially when I wake up in the morning. I can be very annoying when I wake up and I don’t have the space to do my morning mojo and I think people have felt the ire before.

Space also brings forth tougher dilemmas. Is it you who are being overly paranoid about wanting space? Why can’t you just adjust and shut up and think from the other person’s point of view? Well.. I’ve realized by now that doing that only results in an explosion at a later time.

So, express when you need space. Take a break.. and it’ll come naturally when you start thinking in boxes.. like I do(a bit) these days.. haha :D

Weeks of frenetic activity and a period of lull..

Its funny. I’ve been left with a feeling of directionless. A rather lazy ‘Do I want to get out of bed’ for the first time this semester. And I guess it was bound to happen. Even our energy needs to be used in moderation. I’m not doing anything extra to make up though..

Yeah, there is work to be done but I think I’d rather take it easy while I can. Maybe should think of watching some movies, reading more books.. It’s been a while since I’ve chilled.