Games are about making people happy..

Today evening was quite some evening..

We played football – 9 on 9 in a muddy field with rain(for most part of the 2 hours). Very few of us really knew each other.. there were a few friends but most of all, we were getting to know each other and boy- was it fun?

We played 2 long games until darkness kicked us out of the field.. all through there were cheers, celebrations, tricks, speed, skill – all on display. Eventually, nobody cared who won or lost..

We had fun.. and that’s all that mattered.. :)

How To: Wear Soft Lenses..

As per instructions from my expert eye doctor:

Pre-preparation: Get used to touching your eye in front of the mirror. Do this a few times till your own fingers don’t seem ‘that’ alien.. :)

1) Wash hands and dry them
2) Soak lens in moisturizer/liquid provided with lens..
3) If you start with your right eye.. pull the bottom and top lids(top lids + eyelashes) and hold them tight..
4) Place the soft lens on your index finger of your right hand(assuming that’s the strong hand) – the shape should be like that of a cup.
5) Bring it to the eye and let it just touch the eye. The capillary action on the lens will suck it in and now, once it is in the eye..slowly bring your index finger out and look downwards/rotate your eye..
6) Once that, is done – release the bottom lid and again rotate it till you begin to see it in place(in the mirror) and then slowly release the top lid..

*If the lids are released early, they will push the lens out.
** This can be extremely annoying if being done in the first time -especially for guys as they aren’t used to putting make up near the eye and hence, learn slower..

+ Take heart though, a few million people around the world wear lenses.. so it can’t be THAT hard..


it still takes me 15 mins to put both of them in.. haha..