When you are unwell..

and this happens amidst something rather exciting, you are tempted to defy it and go for the kill. While this good, it is also a risk because if and if it results in more strain and hence a longer illness, the plans worse.. Like everything else, its about balance.. :-) Take care is what's the key..

4 sins the Boss won’t forgive (from BNET) .. so true! :)

Disloyalty. In the words of one boss, “Many sins are forgivable, but disloyalty is not one of them.” Disloyalty is not just about plotting the overthrow of the boss. It includes bad mouthing the boss by the coffee machine, failing to support the boss when the going gets tough or acting in a less than committed manner. Disloyalty means that the basic bond of trust between boss and team is broken. Once the trust goes, the team member soon follows.

Surprises. If in doubt, over communicate. If the boss finds out the bad news from another department, you are dead meat. You have just made the boss look like (s)he is out of control and does not know what is happening in the team. You have also left it too late to fix the problem in private, and you have now become part of the problem rather than part of the solution.

Excuses. Bosses want solutions and actions, not excuses. Ditch the “I said he said she said so I said…” discussion. Focus on offering the boss a way forward rather than looking backwards and trying to spread the blame.

. This is mainly about attitude. If you are not positive and enthusiastic and energetic, no-one else will be positive, enthusiastic and energetic on your behalf. Bosses have enough problems without you adding to them.