Technology has changed life..

invest time into understanding technology so as to understand improve productivity and hence, quality of life! :)

I am technologically impaired and almost always laughed at thanks to my lack of technology IQ.. its almost funny to think I am working hard on it..
And I feel it is important that I do. The way I would learn to play football would be by going out there an kicking. Sure, I may not have great football sense and hence would never be a Ronaldo or a Pele.. but its about getting better everyday..
and kicking more balls.. making a fool of myself.. laughing at myself.. and the moving on! :)

Twitter terror..

in the wake of the Mumbai attacks, a big source of the euphoria and fear has been users twittering rumors about the attacks..

in a situation as bad as this, it can’t possibly get worse.. or so we think..
but what do you do when you see dozen rumors which say almost every place in mumbai has terrorists.. the result is widespread panic!
the lesson -> in our personal life, its very important to contain problems. Its as simple as not twittering our personal issues or making them too public.. sharing is different from broadcasting.. 
the big reason is that if we do so in our personal life, we would definitely do the same when we hear ‘sensational’ news like this.. god knows how many people must be going crazy worrying thanks to the very rumors we spread.. 
lets take care that we are always talking facts!

Celebrate joys..

Have fun! Smile!

Life is like an ice cream.. enjoy it before it melts! :)
Look into the mirror and ask yourself – if this was your last day, would this be the way you’d like to live it? Too many ‘No’s’ definitely means it is time to change things!