Very important to empathize when others are in trouble. Empathize first and then offer solution..

I was a meano today seeing a friend suffer with a sprain and I said – you know, this one time I had a bad neck sprain.. and anyway, she didnt react too well..

That’s the time to empathize and my reaction was exactly opposite to what should ideally have been the case!

When chips are down..

its good to buckle down and just do some really simple things because anything above simple could get screwed potentially.

Always good to speak to positive people as well! They lift your day..

Who’s positive? That definition would depend on who we each find positive. Generally, they are just a common bunch.. :D

I like the time when..

it was Jack Welch I think who said a CEO is expected to turn up record profits every quarter, and make sure that the people in his company are doing what they love, and make sure that they are not overworked so as to make sure their work-life balance is optimum..

Who are we talking about again? Superman?

Moral of the story: ‘Balance’ is academic..

To each..his/her own..