Transition words

The logic of writing as you learned in schoolTurns out to mean little more than an obsession with transitionAnd the scattering of rhetorical tics – overused, nearly meaningless words and phrases. In fact.Indeed.On the one hand.On the other hand.Therefore.Moreover.However.In one respect.Whereas.Thus. These are logical indicators. Emphasizers. Intensifiers.They insist upon logic whether it exists or not.They … Continue reading Transition words

Flow is something the reader experiences

“Your job as a writer is making sentences.Your other jobs include fixing sentences, killing sentences, and arranging sentences.If this is the case – making, fixing, killing, arranging – how can your writing possible flow?It can’t. Flow is something the reader experiences, not the writer. A writer may write painstakingly, Assembling the work slowly, like a … Continue reading Flow is something the reader experiences

Noticing that inner disturbance

Pay attention now:No matter how much you know or learn about syntax, grammar, and rhetoric,This small internal quaver, this inner disturbance, Is the most useful evidence you’ll ever get.Someday, you’ll be able to articulate what causes it.But for now, what’s important is to notice it. Noticing is always the goal. Actually, the goal right now … Continue reading Noticing that inner disturbance