Awareness of the context

There’s a time to go slow. There’s a time to go as fast as you possibly can.

There are times when talking is helpful. And, there are times when it is best to stay silent and listen.

There are moments when it is worthwhile to try your luck. And, then there are times where it is best to be conservative.

There are situations when being gritty and persistent is helpful. Then, there are situations where it is best to quit and try something else.

The good news is that it is always a good time to approach things with a learner’s mindset. But, beyond mindset, the success of most things we do is dependent on the context. Even an action with the best of intentions and planning can be completely back fire when out of context.

The questions, then, are – are we being intentional about developing our awareness of the context we are in? How good are we at being context aware through the course of a day?

And, in the spirit of a learner’s mindset, what could we learn to get much better?