Check and do what?

The next time you pick up your phone to check a feed or email, ask – “Check and do what?”

Take note of the reasons you hear.

I’ve found 2 types of reasons –
1. The first kind (20% of the time) involved a clear reason for checking, e.g., clearing out email backlog as I hadn’t checked in a while or connecting with someone
2. The second kind (80% of the time) revolved around boredom and instant gratification. I knew there was no need but I still wanted to do it – just because.

Eliminating that second kind of checking is an easy shortcut to a more fulfilled life.

PS: It is hard to stop the second kind of checking cold. So, find a replacement. Every time you find yourself wanting to check for boredom or instant gratification, pick up a book or just take a walk around the house.