Blog changes and lessons

1. This blog is now on WordPress managed hosting. I used to run a free version of WordPress on my own host. I’ve been hit my one too many attempted hacks and breaches and realize it isn’t worth dealing with this. I’m relieved that the responsibility for security lies with now.

2. I briefly contemplated switching to Medium. I’ve really enjoyed experimenting with Medium for my “Notes by Ada” project. But, Medium seems to be oriented around the reader. And, while that’s great, I wanted a place that focused on creators. And, of course, WordPress has done a solid job over the past 4 years or so.

3. The latest security issue I had was likely thanks to an old project that I maintained on the same server. I keep archives of old projects out of sentiment. But, a breach is painful (more painful for the good friend who helped me clean it up) and I’ve decided I need to start wiping these files off. Memories on will do. Constant clean up is important – in both our technology lives and real lives.

4. I’ve turned off comments on ALearningaDay for the first time. I didn’t ever think I’d do it as I love hearing from the folks who prefer to send in the occasional comment. But, the WordPress comment experience feels clunky and I chose not to pay a ton more for the ability to customize plugins. In the end, I didn’t want to be managing a sub par experience. So, I hope you’ll just remember to send me a note on rohan at rohanrajiv dot com instead.