Learning something you don’t know yet

Learning something you don’t know yet requires you to be willing to do something you haven’t done yet.

Learning something new means flexing a muscle we have never flexed. If you’ve attempted lifting weights the first few times, you know how painful that process is. The tough second step is building a practice routine and sticking to it. And, if that wasn’t enough, we also need to be reflective through the process and keep adjusting the above processes to get better results.

Finally, there is a direct connection between how valuable the skill is and how difficult the process is.

So, most folk start courses and training regimes and quit. If only it were easier and if only it could be done quicker…

This has 2 implications. First, if you are a coach or someone designing online learning material, create a barrier to entry. The trouble with most online learning is that they attempt to make content easily accessible. Content, contrary to what we might think, isn’t the hardest problem to solve. Motivation and commitment is.

Second, if you looking to learn something new, start with asking yourself a question – am I willing to make a 3 year connection to this learning journey? If the question doesn’t inspire excitement, spare yourself the trouble and quit. Instead, direct your energy to finding something you’d like to learn that will make the answer to that question a resounding yes.

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