Work worries

It’s the weekend. And, there’s a lot of room for worrying about work. There’s probably some office politics. Maybe even some uncertainty about what your manager things about you. Or, perhaps, you’d like that long overdue big raise.

Here’s the issue – nearly everything we tend to worry about is stuff that we don’t really control.

There are 3 things we do control –

1. Investing in ourselves

2. Seeking out growth and learning in our work. (This is the start of a beautiful cycle. We love work that enables us to learn and grow. And, when we love our work, we do great work.)

3. Being conscious in our interactions with ourselves and others.

When was the last time we spent time worrying about these things?

6 thoughts on “Work worries”

  1. Hi, I find interconnections between the two circles you mentioned. When you mention, “the stuff we control”, like “getting a raise” or “getting a promotion” or “what our manager thinks of us”, I feel these are the results/outcome we expect in our lives but if analysis on how we achieve these results/outcomes, the stuff we do control as you mentioned it, like “invest in ourselves”, “seek out growth and learning in our work” would or maybe to some extent directly contribute to the results/outcomes. Just felt I wanted to highlight this. However, I read your articles regularly. Many of them have helped me understand about several issues/concerns on a day-to-day basis. In sum, I appreciate your blog and your regular writing.


    1. Absolutely Avin. Most things we worry about can be influenced – just not directly. And, if they can’t be influenced directly, worrying about them isn’t useful. :)

  2. Another great post, @rrohan189:disqus Question for you – Do you every find yourself worrying more than you should during the weekends or after work (even when its about the right things)? And if so, do you try to do things to curtail that, or do you just it it play out?

    1. Thanks Al. :)

      Over the last couple of years, thanks to a near maniacal focus on process over outcomes, I’ve actually found myself hardly worrying at all. That’s not to say I’m 100% worry free.. but I find myself rarely carrying worry around if I’m clear I don’t control it (which is nearly always the case).

      So, increasingly, I’m just letting it play out and learning to focus entirely on what I control.

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