Thinking product

I didn’t do my product review post this week. That’s because I’m struggling with 2 questions.

But, before I get to the questions, I had an interesting experience after downloading the excellent Economist Espresso app. This was thanks to a reader who insisted I try out the Economist Digital subscription (thanks friend!). It has been a fantastic experience using the app. I’m sure I’ll review it shortly. But, the big break through was when I scrolled down to the bottom of the article by swiping up. I instinctively tried to swipe up to move to the next article. But, it turns out you have to swipe right. That works for photographs and makes sense. But, does it make sense when you are reading text? I am not sure. But, it feels great to find myself asking such questions and not taking design for granted.

Onto my questions –

  1. Do I just review products as soon as I try it? For instance, I might love the Economist Espresso. But, what’s the guarantee I’ll continue to use the app? Isn’t longevity the sign of a good product? The only issue with the longevity approach is that there will be very few products I will ever review as there’s only a few things that stick.
    Perhaps the way to overcome this is to just try as many products as possible and caveat that reviews are based on a short, quick usage experience.
  2. What is the right framework? I’m not satisfied with my product framework – I need something simpler that sticks. While borrowing a framework helped me get started, I’m beginning to gravitate towards the next version. So, I’ll plan to give this more thought and put together a simple framework I’ll use for the future

In short, more to follow. Fascinating process so far. And, looking forward to lots more learning and thinking about how technology products are built in the weeks and months ahead.