Planting trees before you need the fruit

If you feel you need fruit 10 years from now, it is best to plant a tree today.

The trouble, though, is that you don’t often know what sort of fruit you’ll need. So, how do you strategically plant trees that’ll give you exactly what you need later?

While there might be minds who might be able to engineer such circumstances, an approach that might work better is to just plant trees anyway and tend them carefully as the years go by. Invest in people, in learning, in great relationships, in yourself and share what you learn on your journey. Create your own podcast, your own not-for-profit along the way, or join other creators who you feel are creating impact. And, no matter what you decide to do, approach it like a gardener would – plant, tend and nurture.

There is a chance that all the trees you plant will be useful. Most likely, it’ll turn out that a few are incredibly useful while many of the others aren’t. It really won’t matter. The journey would have been so much fun that the result will only feel like a small addendum. The truth about the final analysis is that there never is a final analysis. Any analysis is just a part of the greater journey.

And, as it turns out, it is rarely about the fruit. The fruit disappears in a few bites. The planting, however, lasts a lifetime. And, what a great way to spend a lifetime..