A little bit of enthusiasm

A few of us met for brunch on Sunday to discuss an exciting new project. This was at a restaurant here in Evanston. We were soon ready to order. The conversation went like this –

Staff: “What would you like to have today?”
One of us: “I’d like the stuffed French pancakes”
Staff: “Ooooooooohhh. That is delicious. What about you?”
Next person: “I’d like the …..”
Staff: “Aaaaahhhhh. That is.. I mean, that is truly amazing. ..”

Every time we mentioned a dish, he’d give this genuine ‘ooh’ or ‘aah’ that made us all laugh. I had a few thoughts as we went through this exercise.

1. Ordering is normally an interruption when you have a new project to discuss. Somehow, he made it fun.
2. He really cared about the food they served. It just showed. There are few things that equal that feeling – it is so vital to a great dining experience.
3. All of his actions and behavior contributed to our happiness. Aren’t restaurants really in the happiness business?
4. And, finally, it made me feel grateful for all we had. It was snowing that day. And, here we were, seated in a warm and comfortable restaurant about to order a delicious meal and discuss an exciting new project that we had the privilege to work on. Life was good.

So many great lessons. All it took was a little bit of enthusiasm. A really nice meal.. but an even better life lesson.