The 3 procrastination killers

1. Clarity – Why do we need to do this? How must it be done? What must be done next? Clarity of why, how, and what takes some time and thinking. But, once we know, there are few things that can stop us.

2. Momentum – It isn’t always easy to get the necessary amount of clarity before we get started. So, the other approach is to start by checking small items of a task list so we build the “getting-things-done” momentum. Like all hacks, this comes with an note of caution – the procrastination forces can use it against us. We can find ourselves spending absurd amounts of times doing unimportant stuff under the pretext of building momentum. Use it with care.

3. Willpower – If all else fails, willpower is the ultimate weapon. The more of it you have, the better your life becomes. The good news is that it works like a muscle – learn more at our learnographic here. Improve your willpower, improve your life.

Here’s to productivity!