Tools of the resistance

The tools of the resistance are obvious and repeated – guilt, fear, inadequacy, embarrassment, and insecurity.

As Steven Pressfield shared in the war of art, Adolf Hitler found it easier to wage a world war and kill innocents rather than face the trials that would accompany his childhood dream of being an artist. Some part of it might have been in jest but the point remains. These may be simple tools but there is no doubt they are powerful. Days can be spent wallowing in these emotions and a lifetime can be spent in chasing meaningless goals to keep these emotions at bay.

So, what’s the solution then? There is none. There is a process, however. The process involves reflecting, recognizing these tools at work, reminding ourselves that we have no time to engage with these emotions, thinking about what really matters, and battling on. An intentional approach against these emotions is the stuff of a real hero’s journey. Make no mistake – it is a difficult war and the choice to fight it is ours and ours alone.

The results are not guaranteed (are they ever?). But, the process is sure to be worthwhile.