Play for Hope – $10 to make a difference

We, at, are proud to support Pudiyador – a charity that has been changing lives by educating the underprivileged community in Chennai, India, for the past 10 years.

Pudiyador’s leadership team want to take 45 of their kids to India’s first 5 day Ultimate frisbee camp for the underprivileged and they need help. Most of these kids have never been outside their hometown before.

We have a campaign on –  a crowdfunding website for social initiatives – to help them raise their money. Our target is INR 40,000 and have started out with a target of INR 20,000 (roughly USD 341). So, that means $10 from you could go a long way to help these kids. Please watch the 2 minute video below and the note from Liz and join us by contributing here. And, if a contribution is not possible, we’d appreciate it if you shared the love..

The campaign is on

Thank you for your attention and hope you have a great weekend.

PS: Please let me know if you have any trouble making the final payment and please don’t worry about any messages that say your card won’t be accepted. I am reachable on


Hello there!

I am Liz, Program Manager for Sports at Pudiyador, a Chennai-based non-profit. We would like to take 45 of our kids to Surat for a one-of-a-kind Ultimate Frisbee camp.

Pudiyador believes in changing lives through education. We provide a safe, interactive, fun, and hands-on learning environment for underprivileged kids. For over 10 years, we’ve been running weekend and after-school programs for over 200 children every year across their centers in Chennai.

I am also an ultimate Frisbee enthusiast and I have been teaching the sport at Pudiyador the past year. We’ve seen how ultimate Frisbee changes the way our kids communicate, work with each other and approach life. We truly believe in the impact that play can have on child growth and development.

And we are keen on taking 45 kids to Surat for the National Youth Ultimate Frisbee camp. Most of them have never travelled outside Chennai before and are very excited.

The Surat Camp will be a first in many ways:
– the first sleep-away Ultimate Frisbee camp ever held in India.
– the first initiative to enable bonding and friendships between underprivileged children from different parts of India.
– the first ever camp of such a scale (160 kids from across India and 30 youth coaches).

At this point, we are short of INR 20,000 to make this trip happen. You can help make this happen! Any additional funds will go towards making the Surat experience extra special for our kids.

Thank you so much!

P.S: We believe that every rupee creates equal impact and hence, all our donations will be treated and rewarded with the same love.