The Jennifer Aniston method – a deadline for playing victim

I remember a short excerpt of an interview – I think it was with Jennifer Aniston – which spoke of her method of dealing with disappointment. She said she allowed herself to play victim for a set time period e.g. a day. As a part of this “victim day,” she was allowed to do whatever she wanted – sulk, moan, eat junk food, stay in bed, watch television all day, etc.

But, after that victim day, she wasn’t allowed to play victim any more. She had given herself time to do so and it was done. She had to now take responsibility and move forward.

I love the idea. It’s hard to be proactive every minute of your life. Unexpected disappointments do hit you and catch you unawares from time to time. This idea makes sure you give yourself some time to vent. But, venting doesn’t change facts of course. As an Irish colleague and friend of mine used to say often on a challenging project – “we just have to suck it up and deal with it.”