The Luggage Incident

I was getting on the train from the airport. The uniformed guy on the platform said the doors would be closing in a minute. A mother and son duo were carrying a huge load of bags. Hearing the announcement, the mother ran in and attempted holding the door open. That’s about when the son dropped his huge bag.

That’s when I ran out, attempting to help. But, by the time I reached out, the son had picked up the heavy bag and made it in with a few seconds to spare. The mother and son thanked me profusely. So much so that I felt embarrassed. I hadn’t really done anything! I had just attempted to help. They had made it across the line themselves.

It left me wondering if that’s what we tend to need in most situations – the mental support that we would need in case we struggled. Research shows that the most secure kids come from families where they have felt loved. The security that comes from knowing your parents love you and will support you no matter what is, as a result, incredibly powerful.

We don’t always need it, it seems. We just need to know it’s there.