I remember being very envious of kids who biked (“cycled” by Indian vocabulary) to school. To a kid who came to school in a packed school van, biking seemed to be so independent, so cool.

My grandmother abhorred the idea of me riding out on the “main road”. So, it was a long while before I finally got my bike. I still remember getting a letter signed by the others in the house saying I fully deserved to own a bike, especially since all my friends had their own! Thus, I got my first bike, a black Hercules top gear with five gears! The rules were clearly laid out – I was forbidden to cross any main junction without a friend with me. So, a certain dear friend would bike out of route, come home, “pick me up” and we would then head out to play.

I have many great memories growing up with this bike. We used to get around the area a lot and bikes were our chosen means of transport. This was until the first scooterettes came along. Biking went out of fashion real quick.

Fast forward about 9 years, I am rediscovering the joys of biking again! Thanks to a couple of projects that have taken away my weekly football and exercising time, I was looking for a way to make sure I exercised. And the solution was rather simple. I just ended up replacing a 30 minute bus ride on my way back with a bike ride. And, to avoid the headache of owning a bike in London (i.e. to deal with possibility of theft etc), I just signed up for ‘Boris Bikes’ or the Barclays Cycle Hire.

I’ve been on this scheme for 2 weeks now and have been loving it. I bike around practically every day. These bikes are ungainly and heavy as they are built for rough use and are hence ideal for exercise!


I just went on a really wonderful 40 minute ride around Hyde Park today amidst beautiful sunshine. I have been seeing a lot more of the city over the last couple of weeks and loving it!

Falling in love with biking all over again.