Task Labels For Getting Important Tasks Done

I often have a large list of tasks on the weekend and this list can get pretty daunting because I tend to leave most of them for one day (typically Sunday). Often, it leads to a massive inertia to get started and I start with the simplest task, regardless of importance. As a result, I used to often land up with a problem where I’d spend most of Sunday getting not-so-important tasks done and spend the last 3-4 hours in frenetic get-things-done mode.

I used to inadvertently group tasks every once in a while but never saw any big reward until three weeks ago. I began grouping tasks into categories and began labelling them. So, the new list looked like this.


My lizard brain has been unable to ignore the ‘Potentially Life Changing’ label. After about 4 weeks of procrastination on a ‘potentially life changing’ task, I’ve now managed to get to it and spend significant time on it 3 weeks in a row.