What is Life..

if we don’t share our emotions and beliefs with those around us?

It’s great if to be professional, cool and calculated but the effect of a laugh (a proper one!)on a serious conference call or that of an emotional story is one that can’t be described in words.

For, at the end of the day, that’s what true leadership is, isn’t it?

It’s not about a wonderfully created spreadsheet or Gantt chart, or about the most logical business plan or argument. No, true leadership is about emotions and belief – it’s crafted in the trenches, in hopeless situations where a sense of purpose creates hope and excites.

Logic can never do that. Emotions can.

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As the value of single minded flawless execution goes up in this world, so will the ability to truly inspire. The days of the hierarchy are beginning to disappear and are fast being replaced by the days of inspiration, of charisma.

Luckily, being ourselves – truly just being ourselves is real inspiration and charisma. Research over time has tried to nail the look of an inspiration leader and the common image that comes to mind is a Steve Jobs – a tremendous communicator who led from the front. But, let’s not forget his soft spoken, geek competitor – a man who conquered the world of technology and then went on to try and solve problems around the developing world’s healthcare. When Bill Gates spoke, we listened. We knew he meant well, we knew he had taken responsibility for what he was doing, we knew he was saying what he felt and probably most importantly, we knew he cared.

We are our own first follower. Professionalism is overrated. Great relationships are not built in a conference room – they are built in the trenches, over coffee, in play and in conversation. Logic won’t help, understanding human irrationality and laughing lots will.

Be yourself. Laugh. Cry. Hug. Celebrate. Lead.