Handling the Small Blips

I often think of the line about goal keepers ‘A goal keeper is only as good as he is on his worst days.’

It’s a brilliant line and so very true. I am sure you’ve watched one of football, hockey or ice hockey in your life and in any of these games, the stars are typically the goal scorers or goal creators. Every player goes through ups and downs (they are humans, after all). And teams can sustain great performance even with some of their stars going through temporary droughts. But, if their goal keeper has a few bad days, it really is ‘end of story’.

The greatest goal keepers are those who are pretty good even on their worst days and inspired on their best. They may easily be overshadowed by a star striker on their best days but on their worst days, you can be sure their mistakes will make headlines.

How different is that from our lives?

We always hear talk about tests of adversity and how people would do if the world as we know it came crashing down. My observation is that we always seem to come out of those kind of crises alright. We summon enough will power, determination and generally do what it takes to make it out. We generally bounce back. We survive. That’s how we’re wired.

That doesn’t say much about a person though, in my view at least.

In my eyes, the difference makers are the ones who consistently handle the small blips incredibly well.

How do you do when you are having a blip? Probably most importantly, what do you do when you recognize you are having a blip?