Learning to Thank People

We all undergo training and preparation. It’s good to learn how to do things right. We do this for learning about the new IT system to be used at work, for learning a new instrument, a new sport etc.

However, we go through the most important things in life without ever really going through any kind of training. Marriage, parenting, managing self, goal setting are simple examples. I’ve heard the justifications and excuses – they come to us naturally and all that. But then, that’s why they are justifications and excuses.

My mom’s doing a course in Psychotherapy and Counselling and she’s amazed as to how much there is to marriage she’s learnt as part of her course. She keeps wishing now that marriage counselling is made compulsory for every couple that starts a new journey together. She believes that many marital disasters can be averted if the expectations are set right. She is probably very close to the truth.

We avoid learning the things we most need. Maybe we believe we shouldn’t need to learn these things.

One such thing is learning to thank people. I’ve been working to master the skill for ages. There are 3 parts to this –

1. Remembering to thank people – especially those close to you.
2. Thanking them right. Looking into their eyes and saying thank you.
3. Thanking them again and being gracious about it.

I missed saying a thank you the other day thanks to forgetting to reply to an email. I realized yesterday that that didn’t go so well.

And it’s funny that this happened to me since I had been complaining 2 weeks ago that I hadn’t been feeling thanked after a couple of exchanges with friends.

When you point one finger, there’s always four fingers pointing at you. Sounds about right.

Let’s learn to say thank you’s and do them right. Some people do it very well. And no, they don’t do it naturally, they do it because someone took the time to teach them. Let’s learn from them and do them well.

And we will make the world a better place, one ‘thank you’ at a time.

Thank you so much for taking time to read this. :-)

‘It’s not happy people who are thankful. It’s thankful people who are happy.’