Half awake I lay
I love those moments
When I flirt with consciousness
To wake up or not to wake up
To think or not to think
While I was thinking thus
My mind wandered
And spent a few moments remembering the old couple
The old couple I’d seen on the train
Helping each other
Must be in their 90s, I remember thinking then
I observed them from a distance
As they talked and laughed
I could feel years and years of memories
And the connection
How could I forget?
The connection
We all long for connection
Maybe that’s why we end up as halves in a pair, happily
That way, we live secure knowing we are always connected
No matter what
And at that moment, I realized I looked around
And sighed
For I felt exactly like a half would
It always amazes me (among the many things..) as to how much we can learn by just listening to ourselves when we are half awake..