Going to be a great week

Did you ask why?
(even if you didn’t, I’m going to ramble on anyway. Fringe benefits of being a blogger.. haha)
Here’s why. The preparation has been immaculate. A good weekend that meant having fun, spending time socially on Saturday followed by focus on some important priorities, planning the week early thanks to the big challenge, clearing away lots of minutia, sending some thinking through things that need to be done.
Other challenge items were switching off from work for 24 hours and making a ‘stop doing’ list. :)
Also, just getting little things ready for tomorrow morning so I won’t have to labor always make a big difference. (Akin to parking the car such that we can just drive straight out!). And I guess, most importantly, having finished early, I am all set for a nice movie to relax and get into bed early for my 5AM routine!
Big week coming up. But thanks to the prep, I’m optimistic it will be a good big week.
And so, I’m hoping you are spending some time this weekend to ensure the week starting tomorrow (yes, it IS monday tomorrow for the ones in denial :)) will be a great one!
All the best. Stay inspired. And have a great week!