The Joy of a Blip

Blips are generally not very welcome. They break momentum, they come up unexpected and can generally be a pain as they, more often than not, tend to mess up plans. And of course, stumbling and falling is not necessarily a fun experience..
Not when you have a learning blog though. A blip is a wonderful current learning opportunity waiting to be shared, where I am concerned. Over the years, I have developed a 60-100 ideas long blog-roll (i.e. ideas waiting to be blogged about) but there’s nothing like a current blip to learn from.
Anyway, the blip was in my new attempt at a 5AM routine. I was at the end of my tether after a 16 hour 14+ hour workday yesterday (literally at the end of the tether – grumpy, irritable etc) and I had my Mom here on a short trip. Big decision – do I go to sleep? or stay awake and break the routine? There’s no way I could do both.
It went back to a question about values and I chose Family and Health over Integrity (I was breaking a commitment to myself, after all!). And ended up taking lots of rest. And as if it was a sign, I received the following forward from Mom today (Source: Philosopher’s Notes) –


It’s easy to commit to something—whether it’s losing weight, no longer yelling at the kids (or spouse or colleagues or all of the above), creating that business, writing the screenplay, whatever.

It’s an entirely different thing to actually honor that commitment—especially when you’re all up in your stuff and you don’t feel like it and that whiny little gremlin in your head has taken over the airwaves. (Hate when that happens.)

To actually rock it?

Step 1: Commitment.

Step 2: Re-commitment.

Step 3: Re-commitment.

Step 4: Re-commitment.

Step 5: You get the idea.

How ’bout you? Need to re-commit to something?’

Apt. Time to recommit and take a shot on Monday!