Already read it. Thanks anyway

A friend just forwarded a story the other day with good intentions. She knows I like reading good stories as I use them for one thing or the other (this blog, for example).

It turned out that I’d just read it a few days ago. So, I just instinctively clicked reply and found myself about to type ‘Already read it. Thanks anyway.’
I caught myself.
What good would that reply do?
Would it make her feel any better?
I realized that sub consciously, I was just trying to look cool and give the ‘oh you know.. been there, seen that, done that’ sort of image. It’s exactly that kind of an image that would stop her from sending me any more.
And I just said thank you and left it at that.
Good catch, that one. I feel better as well having not indulged that desire to make myself look good and make someone trying to help me feel stupid.
Ah, now I feel so smart.