On Breakfast meetings

Rudy Guiliani’s day always began with a breakfast meeting with his core team. His insistence on the daily morning meeting is stuff of legend. Whether they had a packed schedule or not, his core team knew that the breakfast meeting would stay as a part of the agenda.

5 outcomes that happened as a result that I thought were important-

1. Everybody on the team knew they would be given an opportunity to voice their concerns. Everybody felt heard.
2. Victories and accomplishments were celebrated often. This helped the team get closer.
3. Non-core team members also joined in when necessary. So, everybody felt involved.
4. Everybody knew that Guiliani would follow up on their tasks the next morning. So, nothing got delayed!
5. The group reviewed daily and weekly priorities regularly as a unit and cohesion was achieved. Guiliani carefully built his team into a great unit and it was this team that carried New York through the 9/11 disaster. All those breakfast meetings had ensured that they were prepared! Rome was not built in a day after all..

Guiliani’s breakfast meeting idea is an example of taking a simple action and repeating it consistently (like a screw or a vise). For more, do check out the article from Seth Godin here.

So, let’s schedule breakfast meetings for all high priority tasks this week! :)