Modern day oxygen

I shifted in to my new place today and I felt choked for some weird reason.

The apartment felt well ventilated so I didn’t quite understand why I felt that way.
I had just eaten lunch an hour ago so it wasn’t my stomach.
And then it hit me.
So, I rushed out for my first round of shopping and got my oxygen mask.
The little dongle was my window to the world. I could feel myself breathe in relief as I saw my email come right in after 20 hours, when I saw ‘football365’, ‘alearningaday’ and ‘facebook’ load.
Modern day oxygen, in my humble view.

On that note, I’ve been trying hard to make it a point to spend a few hours without looking at a laptop or a phone. Just sitting and enjoying time by myself, lost in my own thoughts. That’s been very refreshing..