A 16 point list: It takes a bigger person to..

1) Accept somebody as they are..

2) Give advice only when asked.. (we have this need to be autobiographical..)

3) Let people we love go and be themselves..

4) Make sure feedback is always constructive..

5) To not let their 5 second judgments cloud reality..

6) To speak their mind but do so with tact..

7) To not embarrass somebody and make their ears go red in conversation or feedback..

8) To not cheat in a relationship..

9) To decide to settle a matter with open feedback rather than whisper behind backs..

10) To maintain grace, calm and positivity under pressure..

11) To be themselves even when granted considerable power..

12) To like themselves and not be on a constant mission to prove themselves..

13) To laugh at themselves, and not at others..

14) To accept and be comfortable with their past and not look at it as an aberration..

15) To not complain..

16) To live by their values, rather than talk about fighting for them..

I made this list as I’m going through this process of acceptance with myself. I am one of those incredibly boring people when it comes to not having a life. And I love the fact that I –

-> Like to laze in one place on weekends..
-> Don’t find hitting a night club/bar for a drink so much fun (And am very happy for those that do.. just that I love those who let me be even more)
-> Like reading books on leadership, entrepreneurship, life, wherever I go (Yes, the geek glasses are on..)
-> Love working on little initiatives like my blogs (and I’m immensely proud of them)..
-> Spend lot of time on strengthening relationships with family and friends, and keeping in touch with those who I don’t spend time with any more..
-> Sleep, eat and play a lot (and hope I will always keep the kid within alive..)
-> Typically end up working pretty hard and simple LOVE intellectual stimulation..
-> And of course, I love philosophizing about life, values and the like.

I am weird, yes, but who isn’t..

But I guess it’s accepting the first part of the above sentence that requires me to be the ‘bigger person‘. And hence the list is a reminder to myself that it’d be nice to be the bigger person once a while.. haha.