There is a time for everything…

I find it amazing as to how things fall into place (or don’t for that matter) when their time comes. This is of course bordering on being philosophical about these ‘things’ but I am very positive that everything does work out in the end as long as we pay our dues.

To me, this means 3 things –

1) Accepting our circumstances. Denial is regressive.

2) Dealing with our circumstances proactively by finding joy at every possible instance.

3) And being willing to work REALLY hard. I’ve never fully bought into the concept of cutting down on work by ‘working smart’. Maybe it’s because I believe we can innovate only after our basics are in place or maybe it’s just because I’m just not smart enough to innovate quickly enough. Either way, that’s a big part of my happiness mantra. Find ways to inject excitement into what you do and work super hard at it.