Chronicling the 1000 beautiful days before I hit 30 – A Blog

The person writing this blog is a friend of a friend/acquaintance of a friend.. And this friend had recommended I check this blog out a couple of times till she decided to email a link which I did check out.

I loved the blog and the concept – treasuring the small things and making every day special. It is close to my belief that every day is an opportunity for us to get better and learn..

Many ask ‘deep’ philosophical questions like the purpose of life. I have no idea about all of that – all I do know is we’ve got a duty(atleast, I would think it is a duty) to –

Do what we can with what we have where we are‘ and make the best out of it..

High time we start celebrating life, eh, friends? :)


Everything balances out in the long run..

Our team had a wonderful day at the Sparkz auditions – pics are up on

Since then, however, 2-3 of us have been facing crises of different kinds – personal, work etc..

Life can’t always be good to us. And that’s why I’ve been trying hard not to take success to heart this new year – not get too ‘high’ when things are going well because the fall is not far away..

Not getting high doesn’t mean I don’t fall, it just makes the fall less painful.. and that counts!

Reminds me of the Michael Dell quote –

‘Celebrate for a nanosecond, and then move on!’