Aaron Ramsey – I hope this makes you stronger..

Football is a contact sport – as much as there is talk about better referees, maybe more protection – taking out that contact aspect would reduce the adrenaline to that of a sport like golf..

And often times, when we are watching sport, horrific incidents take place – those that transcend whether you like or hate a player, whether you are a fan of the club or not..

Yesterday, Aaron Ramsey’s leg was broken as a result of a dreadful tackle by Ryan Shawcross and he may be out for a year..

A lot can be said about Shawcross but it was plain from the moment after the tackle that he was devastated.. it’s not an easy ride for him as well. I just hope there is no football fan who will be coining up a song to taunt Arsenal.. there are some incidents that rise well and above the game itself.. and this is one of them..

As for Ramsey, I do hope he comes back much stronger.. and I’m sure he will!

Just on a different note, that’s the 3rd horrific tackle on an Arsenal player in the last 4-5 years.. what is it about the football club that makes it so susceptible to injury?