Chelsea did win..

A few thoughts..

1) It’s the Chelsea way to find a way. They were by 2nd best this game. Peppered in balls around the box but lacked the tooth. Changed this in 2 and a half mins..

2) Didier Drogba is on current form probably the best striker in the game. He is the talisman in Chelsea’s team of stars.. Will be interesting to see how they cope without him. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a crucial goal NOT go through Didier Drogba..

3) Chelsea showed that they are a top team – winning a game when they were 2nd best.

4) Fulham taught Chelsea a lesson in organization(as mentioned in the post below). They lacked the quality to fight back. A mark of Fulham’s improvement is that 2 years ago when Roy Hodgson took over, Fulham were facing an improbable fight to survival..

5) Probably Roy Hodgson’s only fault was to send the team to defend in the 2nd half.

6) Chelsea look very shaky with crosses and set pieces. Pretty astonishing for a team with mostly 6 footers. One wonders what happened to the impossible-to-score-off-crosses-side that played under Mourinho. If anything, it also shows that the manager stamps his personality. Chelsea are a tad more flambouyant under Ancelotti..

7) A lot of players find it very difficult to come back after a tough injury. Seeing it now with Eduardo and I wonder if Cech has mentally recovered from the skull injury he had a couple of years ago..

8) Nice to watch a non Man-Utd game once a while.. Would’ve obv been nice if Chelsea lost but I think in a way, it does justice. We haven’t done enough to deserve to go on top..yet :)

Can’t wait for the 2nd half of the season.. Hoping for Dimi Berbatov, Obertan, Valencia and co. to sparkle..