There is so much uncertainty around us..

It’s difficult to predict what will even happen tomorrow, let alone a year from now.

It almost renders all planning for life and the future futile..

Having said that, the only thing we CAN do to keep our sanity is to make sure we focus on the stuff we can control.. keep making plans, tear them apart, move on – still focus on what we can influence and then let life do its bit..

Its wonderful isn’t it- we begin with just a thought that we are in control.. more often than not, it isn’t and doesn’t end up the way we thought it would end up.. yet, when it does, it makes a difference and I guess we learn, how to influence the end product more and more as we realized what is worth giving input into and what is not..

It’s a wonderful learning curve. I don’t know if what I am saying is making clear sense to whoever reads this.. but what I am getting is.. it doesn’t matter what the results are(almost), what matters is that we learn how to plan better to achieve certain results and give THAT our best shot. For eg: we should learn how to plan realistically.. yet aim high eg: Maybe not aim for A+ grades but realistically an A-. Doesn’t mean we give up on A+ on day 1 but means we are as happy with an A- and A+ is just a bonus.

Once we can calibrate our mind to expect what is realistic, yet aim high and keep stretching that reality, we’ve got a winner! (probably).. :D